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In September and October the days are sunny, hot during the day and cool in the evening, then the humid season gradually begins with sun during the day and rain at night. It’s the time to discover nature in its maximum splendor with an explosion of colors and scents. The scent of orchids inebriates the air, the feverish activity of extracting vanilla exported all over the world begins.


HUMIDITY  is increasing, reaching high levels in December.


The AIR TEMPERATURE  goes from 24°/27°c in September up to 29°/30°c in December.


The WATER TEMPERATURE  is increasing from 25°/26°c up to 28°c.


The recommended WETSUIT  is the 5mm one in September, then you can switch to the 3mm.


As regards the MARINE ENVIRONMENT , this is the period in which humpback whales are present (they arrived as early as August): they are very easy to spot even near the coast while they jump and swim with their calves or engaged in the acrobatic love rituals of courtship.
Starting from October/November it will be the whale shark that will be seen placidly dining among the dense patches of plankton that compact on the surface.

From mid-DECEMBER to mid-MARCH.


It is the hottest period of the year which progressively leads to the rainy season. During the central parts of the days sunny and very hot. The strong humidity fills the air and loads the sky with clouds which will then lead to intense night-time rains. During sunset, the sky offers a spectacle with its pink clouds that make up imaginative designs.
At the end of January the actual monsoon and cyclonic season begins, which ends towards mid-March during which there may be daytime and nighttime rains.


HUMIDITY is high.


The AIR TEMPERATURE ranges from 29°C to 31°C.


The WATER TEMPERATURE ranges from 28°C in December to 30°C in March.


The recommended WETSUIT is the 3mm one.


VISIBILITY is decreasing to poor in February.


THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT, although always rich in life, is unfortunately penalized with regards to the relative decrease in visibility; for photography lovers there is still the possibility of practicing “macro”.


The month of February is not suitable for diving.

From mid-MARCH to mid-JUNE.


Gradual end of the rainy season. The residual humidity of the monsoon season gradually begins to decrease, the air becomes drier, giving way to beautiful sunny days. The vegetation in this period, once the rains are over, is lush in its maximum splendor.


HUMIDITY is decreasing, from high in March to limited in June.


The AIR TEMPERATURE decreases from 29°/30°C in March to 26°/27°C in June.


The WATER TEMPERATURE is decreasing slightly from 29°C at the end of March to 27°/28°C in June.


The recommended WETSUIT is the 3mm one.


VISIBILITY is clearly improving to very good in June. As far as the MARINE ENVIRONMENT is concerned , underwater life is in turmoil and all kinds of encounters can take place. In the month of April-May, manta rays gather in tropical areas, near the coast, to mate and therefore it is easier to meet them.

From mid-JUNE to mid-SEPTEMBER.


The climate is dry, the sky is clear, the temperature is very pleasant with the warm sun softened by a light breeze. Cooler temperatures in the evening and night hours.


HUMIDITY is low.


The AIR TEMPERATURE is decreasing from 25°/27°C in June to 22°/23°C in August and September.


WATER TEMPERATURE is decreasing, from 28°C in June to 25°C in September.


The recommended WETSUIT is the 3mm one until mid-July, then 5mm.


VISIBILITY is clearly improving.


The MARINE ENVIRONMENT in this period offers more easily the possibility of meeting “big stuff” such as sharks, stingrays, eagle rays as well as beautiful schools of fusiliers, barracudas, trevally.
In August, thanks to the lowering of the water temperature, humpback whales begin to arrive from the Antarctic and will court and mate in our waters or give birth to their calf after approximately 13 months of gestation.

NEOS and ETHIOPIAN Airlines arrive directly at NOSY BE.
Neos with charter flights departing from Rome FCO, Milan MXP and Verona.
Ethiopian with scheduled flights departing from Rome FCO and Milan MPX
three times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri) with a stopover in Addis Ababa.
The flight can be purchased independently on   and
or by contacting to some Tour Operators: you can ask for a quote based on the period chosen.

Some hotels/villages on the island are owned by Italian Tour Operators who offer them in agencies (generally soft all-inclusive formula) from which you can ask for a quote according to the requested period. There are also hotels, small structures without tour operators inside, suitable for those who love nature, tranquility and do not want entertainment. In these cases the treatment can be a choice of BB or HB (half board) and the flight must be purchased separately independently or supported… as you wish!


Some hotels close to diving:

Hotel ARC en CIEL

+1 hour compared to Italy during summer time;

+2 hours in standard time months

The national currency of Madagascar is the Malagasy ARIARY (MGA) .


The Ariary  has a very fluctuating value compared to the EURO : you need to inquire upon arrival
There is no difficulty in changing the currency which can be done in the offices exchange office, at the bank, or directly at the hotel.


However , EURO is  accepted everywhere.

The credit card (Visa and MasterCard), however, cannot be used everywhere, so it is advisable to find out first about its use in the structures you are addressing.

Wi -Fi for internet connection is present in almost all hotels on the island and also in some clubs. However, it is possible to purchase a local SIM by choosing from the various internet packages offered by telephone companies ( Orange – Telma – Airtel )


Crema solare ad alta protezione

Repellente anti zanzare

Medicinali per febbre e problemi intestinali

Occhiali da Sole

Costumi da bagno e fotocopia passaporto


Ciabattine infradito

Scarpe da ginnastica e un pantalone lungo

Giacca a vento tipo k-way

Memory card di scorta per macchina fotografica