DAY 1Diving briefing and inventory of equipment.


DAY 2 – After breakfast, departure for the first 2 dives at the NOSY TANIKELY Marine Park


Accompanying guests can luxuriate on the beach or snorkel among beautiful corals and thousands of fish that populate the waters surrounding the island. This dive site is a bit like the summary of the Indian Ocean.


Both the beginner and the expert diver will have the opportunity to have exciting encounters. Turtles, reef fish and nudibranchs compete for space among the rocks and corals that litter the seabed.

At the end of the 2 dives, transfer to NOSY KOMBA , meeting with the lemurs and lunch in a Malagasy “gargotte”.

Return to the hotel in the afternoon.


DAY 3 -After breakfast, departure for 2 dives: Entrée Bank & Gorgonie Bank.


Entrée Bank : The structure of the reef is oceanic. Here we have a shallow depth of -15 m, from where, sailing west, a descent towards the deeper sea begins. The fall of the reef – the “tombant” – is sometimes steeper and sometimes softer.
The dive is carried out mainly at high tide conditions, when the prevailing current runs from north-west to south-east.
This is a very simple dive in terms of dynamics: it is a classic wall to follow carried by the current: large pelagic fish passing by and in some periods of the year, possible encounters with Humpback Whales and Whale Sharks .


Gorgonie Bank : A unique bank of its kind, the dive begins at the top of the bank, at around 13 meters deep, the maximum depth that can be reached by descending on the perimeter of the bank to the sand is around 24 metres.
Depending on the tide phase which creates two different lines of marine currents, the entry point is chosen to be able to carry out the dive carried by the current and enjoy the slalom among the giant Gorgonian fans.
Schools of yellow snappers, blue fusiliers, green turtles, barracudas, parrot fish, groupers, large vase sponges, hawk fish, and the classic butterfly fish and crocodile fish.


In the afternoon, QUAD excursion in the forests of Nosy Be, visit to the volcanic lakes (with the possibility of seeing crocodiles), immersed in enchanting nature and landscapes. Then… climb up Mont Passot where you can enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of Nosy Be , made even more evocative by the colors of the sunset


DAY 4 – After breakfast, departure for a day in direct contact with the nature of Nosy Be in the primary forest of LOKOBE .


The program includes a part in a pirogue (local boat) and a trekking route (not demanding) on ​​paths in the tropical forest. The local guide will show you endemic flora and fauna of Madagascar, taking you into a pristine universe where lemurs, chameleons, reptiles, insects and tropical birds live , creatures that make this country a unique place.


Lunch at ” Le Coin Sauvage ” where you will be welcomed by Teresa and Pino , who will pamper you with their cuisine and tastings of the various rums arranged by them… an afternoon dedicated to relaxation, colours, flavors


DAY 5 – After breakfast, departure for 2 dives: Atnam & Mark Point.


Atnam: certainly a very high level dive, but a dive that requires a descent to -40m. to be able to fully enjoy its beauty. A bottom which in its northern part is lost very gently in the sand, while in its southern part it forms an infinite wall of giant Gorgonians… around -30 m you come across the hat of cross monoliths resting on the -55 m bottom completely covered with Gorgonians giants that intersect with those of the walls creating breathtaking passages, all well mixed with glass fish, anthias, groupers, large tuna and often in the deepest part the encounter with the leopard shark. An immersion of those that sculpt the memory.


In the afternoon visit to the sacred tree and Hell Ville market :


The sacred tree is a mystical and sacred place, a small natural cathedral formed by the aerial roots of a gigantic Ficus Bengalensis over two centuries old, imported from India as a gift to Queen Tsiomeko around 1800.
Venerated as a place of worship by the tribe of Sakalava, where animists go to pray, bring gifts or make vows.
This hallowed tree covers an area of ​​2000 sq m and is located in Mahatsinjo. There is also a small permanent museum on site which will reveal a little history of Nosy Be with photographs and hairstyles


The Hell Ville covered market is called Bazar Be .
Inside an indefinite set of colors, scents, flavors… the colors of tropical fruit, the scents of spices and vanilla, the flavors of ginger, turmeric and homemade mango sauces sold in recycled plastic bottles mix .
Everything is arranged in an apparent order on the market stalls… it is here that the local population does their shopping every day while some sleep on bags of rice, mothers breast-feed their newborns, some eat meals among steaming pots, children chase each other smiling at tourists.


Day 6 – After breakfast, departure for 2 dives in NOSY SAKATIA :

The dives are carried out at the Arches in the south-west sector of the island. Three rocky and coral formations rise from the bottom with cracks where spotted croakers, batfish and tropical groupers find shelter . Going up to the nearby plateau , at a depth of -15 m, you can encounter all the various reef species: leopard rays, puffer fish, porcupine fish, moray eels, angel fish…

Nosy Sakatia presents itself as a small paradise with transparent waters and various pristine beaches as well as showing off lush vegetation.
It is still a very authentic island, a destination of interest for botanists and ornithologists.
It is also called ” Orchid Island ” for the numerous flowers of this genus that cover it, but not only: traveller’s trees, pepper, pineapple, vanilla, raffia, goyaves , mangoes, medicinal plants are part of the vegetation present on this island …
The local population, dedicated to fishing and crafts, lives their daily lives at the rhythm of nature following traditional culture and activities linked to their rites and beliefs.
The visit to this island includes discovery and relaxation on a beautiful beach with crystal clear water while having lunch in a Malagasy gargotte directly on the sea.
Possibility to snorkel and, depending on the tide, swim in the company of green turtles ( Chelonia mydas ) who have chosen some beaches of Nosy Sakatia to lay their eggs and feed.

Return to the hotel in the afternoon.


DAY 7 – After breakfast, departure for a relaxing day on the island of NOSY IRANJA , “ the island of turtles ”


Nosy Iranja is located on the north-western coast of Madagascar, about an hour and a half by boat from Nosy Be. It is one of the most fascinating destinations in the entire archipelago!
It is made up of two small islands immersed in a crystalline sea of ​​various shades of green and blue, joined by a strip of very white sand that disappears at high tide.
On the strip of sand that joins the two small islands, shells and pieces of coral accumulate, attracting myriads of sea birds ( terns, herons, frigate birds , etc.) in search of the small sand animals, their food.
The island is covered with coconut palms. Many pine trees, typical of the Indian Ocean, shade the north-west beach where turtles go to lay their eggs.
Life in the small village on the island is very simple and fishing, in a sea full of life, is the basis of it.
The excursion to Nosy Iranja is dedicated to relaxation and emotions that remain in the heart. Its colours, the sea, the fishing village and the wonderful panorama that can be admired from the lighthouse, over the bay of Nosy Be to the north and the Radama Islands to the south are unforgettable.
Return to the hotel in the afternoon.


DAY 8 Departure .

NB Dive sites may be replaced based on tide conditions and diver experience.