Diving in Nosy Be – Immerse yourself in clear and warm waters!!!!!


The coral reef is the natural aquarium of the earth, and from us it is just a “fin” away!!!


Diving takes you into a different world, characterized by colours, lights and shadows, new creatures and… silence; a world that will fascinate and involve you immediately by attending DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING.


Become a diver with the PADI SCUBA DIVER and OPEN WATER DIVER PADI courses and immerse yourself in your inner world; harmony, curiosity, emotions, peace and… smiles that will be read in your eyes and on your lips at the end of your dives.



With the ADVENTURES IN DIVING and ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER PADI courses , you can explore the underwater world. Descents into the blue, coral reefs, wrecks of historical value, “floating” in the water as if it were your natural environment.


With PADI SPECIALTIES you will be able to perfect your training in different sectors of diving such as immortalizing encounters with marine creatures with DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY, recognizing the fish you encounter with the NATURALIST, experiencing the charm of the DEEP, learning about the history buried in bottom of the sea with WRECKS etc.




Becoming a PADI PROFESSIONAL as a DIVEMASTER will allow you to transform what you love to do into a profession


Contact us for further information and details.


All this to transform every dive into the underwater world into stories that we would like to share and that will enrich your, and our, most beautiful memories and experiences.