The program is dedicated to those who are not interested in diving but who love discovering the nature that characterizes Nosy Be..


Guided trips will help you discover the small islands surrounding Nosy Be, rich in Malagasy culture. It will be possible to practice snorkeling always accompanied by guides who, in addition to providing you with all the necessary equipment to make the experience more pleasant, will let you observe the species that live inside the reef.

The possible encounter with dolphins during navigation, lemurs and chameleons will make your holiday unforgettable. We will accompany you in the hinterland of Nosy Bé to discover the forest and its inhabitants, lakes with crocodiles, waterfalls, waterways, rural life of small villages, the legends and beliefs of some places, endemic flora and breathtaking views.


DAY 1 Briefing of the week’s activities



DAY 2After breakfast departure for the islands of Nosy Tanikely & Nosy Komba, (full day)



Turquoise sea and coral beach make this island very fascinating, as does the tropical vegetation with which it is covered.
A coral reef surrounds the island which for some years has been a protected “National Underwater Park” to keep its beauty intact and therefore an ideal destination for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts.
all you need is a mask and a snorkel to dive a few meters from the beach in a large aquarium surrounded by a multitude of colorful fish.
Also interesting is the visit to the lighthouse where you can see the beautiful landscape below and “risk” meeting the lemurs (eulemur fulvus / macaque) introduced on the island.


Nosy Komba means “lemur island” and therefore owes its name to the important presence of these mammals that populate the forest and which can be approached during a visit to the “Lemurs park” immediately after a tasty lunch in a gargotte Malagasy with sea view.
Also characteristic of this island are the fishing village with traditional pirogues and the beautiful artefacts such as embroidery, sculptures and various wooden objects sold by the villagers in the small picturesque and lively shops among the smiling faces and paintings of the women. Return to the hotel in the afternoon.



DAY 3 After breakfast departure for a TOUR of the ISLAND which will begin with two mystical places: the sacred waterfall and the sacred tree

It is a waterfall that gives life to a small and pretty lake, a corner of wild forest which is accessed by a steep and bumpy path of about 100 meters lined with large ferns.
It is a sacred place for the Sakalava and, like all sacred places, it is bordered by red and white cloths which represent respectively: gold and silver.


A mystical and sacred place, a small forest formed by the aerial roots of a gigantic Ficus Bengalensis over two centuries old, imported from India as a gift to Queen Tsiomeko around 1800.
Venerated as a place of worship by the Sakalava tribe, where the animists go to pray, bring gifts or make vows.
This consecrated tree covers an area of ​​2000m2 and is located in Mahatsinjo, reachable by car. On site there is also a socio-cultural museum of Nosy Be which will reveal the identity and source of the city and the population.


Then the tour will continue to the covered MARKET of Hell Ville which is called Bazar Be .


Inside an indefinite set of colors, scents, flavors… the colors of tropical fruit, the scents of spices and vanilla, the flavors of ginger, turmeric and homemade mango sauces sold in recycled plastic bottles mix .
Everything is arranged in an apparent order on the market stalls… it is here that the local population does their shopping every day while some sleep on bags of rice, mothers breast-feed their newborns, some eat meals among steaming pots, children chase each other smiling at tourists


Lunch and relaxation on the ANDILANA BEACH , the most beautiful in Nosy Be

You will discover the VOLCANIC LAKES inside the island, ancient craters surrounded by lush vegetation, an ideal living environment for crocodiles.

The day ends on MONT PASSOT where you can witness a 360 degree panoramic view of Nosy Be, made even more evocative by the colors of the sunset..



DAY 4After breakfast departure for the islands of Nosy Fanihy & Nosy Sakatia : (full day)



NOSY FANIHI (Shell Island):
This small uninhabited island is located a short distance from the north-western coast of Nosy Be. It appears like a glimpse of paradise, surrounded by a crystalline sea… a beach of only corals and shells in absolute silence, all around the immensity of the ocean

It is considered sacred by the Malagasy population and for this reason the surrounding nature has remained completely intact. Here you can spend a wonderful day snorkeling and relaxing on the beach…


Nosy Sakatia is still a very authentic island, a destination of interest for botanists and ornithologists. It is also called “Orchid Island” for the numerous flowers of this genus that cover it, but not only traveller’s trees, pepper, pineapple, vanilla, raffia, goyaves, mangoes, medicinal plants are part of the vegetation present on this island
The local population, dedicated to fishing and crafts, lives their daily lives at the rhythm of nature following culture and traditional activities linked to their rites and beliefs.
The visit to this island includes discovery and relaxation on a beautiful beach with crystal clear water, having lunch in a Malagasy gargotte directly on the sea
Possibility to snorkel and, depending on the tide, swim in the company of green turtles who have chosen some beaches of nosy Sakatia to lay their eggs.


DAY 5After breakfast, departure for a day in direct contact with the nature of Nosy Be in the primary forest of LOKOBE .

The program includes a part in a pirogue (local boat) and a trekking route (not demanding) on ​​paths in the tropical forest. The local guide will show you endemic flora and fauna of Madagascar, taking you into a pristine universe where lemurs, chameleons, reptiles, insects and tropical birds live, creatures that make this country a unique place.
Lunch at “Le Coin Sauvage” where you will be welcomed by Teresa and Pino, who will pamper you with their cuisine and tastings of the various rhums arrangé made by them…an afternoon dedicated to relaxation, colours, flavours. Dinner and overnight stay in the hotel.



DAY 6After breakfast, departure for a relaxing day on the island of NOSY IRANJA, “the island of turtles”


Nosy Iranja is located on the north-western coast of Madagascar, about an hour and a half by boat from Nosy Be. It is one of the most fascinating destinations in the entire archipelago!

It is made up of two small islands immersed in a crystalline sea of ​​various shades of green and blue, joined by a strip of very white sand that disappears at high tide.

On the strip of sand that joins the two small islands, shells and pieces of coral accumulate, attracting myriads of sea birds (terns, herons, frigate birds, etc.) in search of the small sand animals, their food.
The island is covered with coconut palms. Many pines, typical of the Indian Ocean, shade the north-west beach where turtles go to lay their eggs.

Life in the small village on the island is very simple and fishing, in a sea full of life, is the basis of it.

The excursion to Nosy Iranja is dedicated to relaxation and emotions that remain in the heart. Its colours, the sea, the fishing village and the wonderful panorama that can be admired from the lighthouse, over the bay of Nosy Be to the north and the Radama Islands to the south are unforgettable.

Return to the hotel in the afternoon.


DAY 7Day of absolute relaxation on the hotel beach to fully enjoy all the emotions of the week





NB The program can be carried out with a minimum of 3 people