Excursions in Nosy Be in a extraordinary nature


Taking a holiday in Nosy Be is not just visiting places, but having an experience where Nature still manages to amaze and excite with scents, landscapes, flavors and colours.


The excursions give you the opportunity to learn more about the local population and the extraordinary nature that surrounds and covers the various islands of the archipelago: lush vegetation, coral beaches, turquoise sea, sea turtles…

We move from the volcanic sand beaches of Nosy Be to the white and coral beaches of the other islands.

Among the vegetation we admire the beautiful traveler’s palms, banana trees, ylang ylang, frangipani, Flamboyant orchids and the myriad of colorful flowers. And how can we forget the scents of spices such as ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and…not tasting the chocolate and the famous «rhum arrangé»?


And then, it’s impossible in Madagascar not to go in search of the most representative and cutest animal in the country: the lemur!!!

You can choose to take a quad ride, visit the various lakes and the “sacred waterfall”, then arrive at the highest point, the “Mont Passot”, to be enchanted by the wonderful sunset…

You can go whale watching (Aug-Sep-Oct) and snorkelling near the tiny Nosy Fanhy or in Sakatia, swimming with the giant green turtles (Chelonia mydas).

With a bit of luck, going to Iranja, you can witness the hatching of the eggs and the birth of hundreds of baby turtles!

We can also get to know the island better with a walk around the capital Hell Ville, visit the characteristic market and the “sacred tree” with a dive into the mysticism of this fascinating culture.



It can only be reached by pirogue and covers
an area of ​​approximately 740 hectares


It is a waterfall that gives life to a
small and pretty lake.


It looks like a small paradise with transparent waters and various pristine beaches…

ESCU-Nosy Iranja

It is one of the most fascinating destinations
in the entire archipelago.


Very small island between Nosy Be and Nosy Komba,
also known as “bird island”.


It therefore owes its name to the important presence
of these mammals that populate the forest…


This small uninhabited island is located a short
distance from the north-western coast of Nosy Be


Piccolissima isola tra Nosy Be e Nosy Komba,
conosciuta anche con il nome di “isola degli uccelli


A small island with a promontory,
covered with a very lush forest…

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